Tom Henderson He’s been giving behind-the-scenes information about work on Battlefield 2042 for months now, and as a last resort, an insider has put together a synopsis that provides a picture of the game’s development. It turns out that the developers were having problems from the start – all because of the Frostbite engine.

The creators began pre-production in November 2018, But during this time, several veteran developers left DICE to found Embark Studios. The Swedes were also given one task:

“EA wanted the Battlefield series to move toward what’s popular – Battle Royale. DICE was told to “copy what’s popular”. It was decided early on that this year’s Battlefield would be based on the latest version of Frostbite – and this would be the biggest update to Battlefield in a decade.”

In February 2019, Apex Legends was a huge success, convincing the bosses from Electronic Arts that they should follow the Battle Royale path – At that time, in fact, “Battlefield Battle Royale” was created, and not a full part of the series.

However, DICE still had engine problems as several of Frostbite’s top engineers left the studio.

Late 2019 or early 2020 DICE has decided to remove well-known character classes from the Battlefield series, Because the creators had to “copy what’s popular,” Apex Legends was getting more and more success.

Other problems began in March 2020 – the shutdown forced developers to work from their homes, which had a very negative impact on the project.

From April to August 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone was a huge success EA decided to make the new Battlefield offer a more classic experience, but the Battle Royale mode was free At this time, the concept of a danger zone appeared. However, developers had to download huge game files from their homes every day, which also had a negative impact on production.

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Around August 2020 – February 2021, DICE completed pre-production and testing began – From this period the trailer leaked with the missile.

In February 2021, the president of Electronic Arts mentioned a very good development of the shooter, which would have systematically beaten back-to-back milestones. According to the informant, the situation was different:

These comments were based on the internal predictions and predictions of inexperienced people. The game was not playable at this point and was incredibly unstable.

In March, Criterion joined the project, but even that didn’t help, and in May DICE asked for help again… When we see the first trailer for the game in June 2021, it doesn’t contain any parts of the game for some reason, because Battlefield 2042 at the time was having major problems with code instability.

In June, we were able to leave Alpha, and in July, other developers joined the position. In August, it was decided to abandon FreePlay 2 because the danger zone was not too wide to provide a proper experience.

From the inside he remembers it The game was tested on one map, as it was the “most stable” site. In the meantime, it was decided to postpone the premiere, but even in this case, the developers realized that by working remotely, improving Battlefield 2042 would require more time. However, the title debuted in November.

Electronic Arts contacted the informant and issued a statement – The company confirms that the Battlefield universe will be expanded, and Battlefield 2042 will receive improvements.

“EA commented on my video uploaded yesterday, covering the development process of #Battlefield2042 and the future of the Battlefield franchise.”

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