– Apator Toruń’s schedule is like that of Hitchcock – earthquake first, then tension will increase – says Adam Krużyński. The King of the Transfer Period will go to Wroclaw for a successful match.

Maciej Kmiecik

Jack stands in front of Maciej Janowski (red helmet) and Gleb Czugunow

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Apator Toruń will open the season in Wrocaw with a match against Polish champion Betard Sparta. This duel will undoubtedly carry a lot of inspiration and is already intriguing fans in both cities. – It would be like Hitchcock. We couldn’t have imagined a better opening to our season. After a lot of controversy regarding either the team environment from Wroclaw or specific people who were or will be in our club, I think such an inauguration is a real pleasure for the fans – said Adam Kruzeski of the club’s supervisory board of the club in Toruń after the announcement of the PGE Ekstraliga schedule.

Team Toruń, boosted by Patryk Dudek and Emil Sajfutdin, will immediately appear at the Defender of the Title, adding an extra flavor to this inauguration. – For us, it would also be possible to verify the theoretically stronger contender. It’s good that we are opening the guest season. Even if we assume that this competition in Wrocław will not be successful, although I would like to believe that this match can start a good streak next season, no one will blame the players, and this is an opportunity to initially check the championship against the background of the Polish champion – added our interlocutor.

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In the second round, newcomer PGE Ekstraliga Apator will host Ostrów in Motoarena. Toru fans will be able to see their longtime player, Chris Holder. – It would also be good for the fans if we could see Chris at home. I suppose this might be identical as there would be an opportunity to check what changes are currently going on in terms of the path. The first tests will, of course, be during control matches, but in combat conditions it may be a good opportunity to test these changes. I think the fans will have a great sporting competition. I wouldn’t rule out the fan from Ostrów in advance, who would also like to show his good side in Toruń – added Krużyński.

The next two rounds could be a real test of the strength of the new Apator team. In the third round, Toru will face a difficult trip to Gorzów, and in the fourth, Polish Vice Champion Motor Lublin will take part in the Motoarena. – In this league, you must not be afraid of any opponent, but you also have to take every match seriously. With the potential and strength of our team, we will try to prepare for every trip and home game in a way that wins for us – confirms the Toruń club representative.

The announcement of the PGE Ekstraliga schedule at the beginning of December has already caused a torrent of emotion and speculation, and fans are looking forward to the opening of the tournament. During this period, there are often no topics for discussion, and all of us who are passionate about this sport love to talk about it. Such a possibility will certainly arise during the presentation of the schedule of PGE Ekstraliga, and the calendar of the meeting will be thoroughly analyzed by many fans. We will create hypothetical tables and predict possible outcomes. I am glad that at such a moment, when winter has already come, and the season is still far away, we can talk about the highway and get excited about it – concluded Adam Kruzinski.

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