April 1, 2022, 15:57

Studio DICE summed up the month-long comments on the planned changes to the maps in Battlefield 2042. It seems fans want improvements not only to the Kaleidoscope.

In early March, DICE studio show up Planned changes to maps in Battlefield 2042Which is scheduled to receive at the beginning of the first season of the game. Currently The developers responded to players’ comments.

Over the past month, the developers have been closely following fan reviews posted, among others, on the forum battlefieldand Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. The result is a new entry in Battlefield 2042 Official Website. In it, references were made again to the issues raised in March.

Not just kaleidoscope; Covers and movement

A month ago, DICE clarified that the Kaleidoscope map takes priority in changes. However, the developers note that Players also want fixes on the update. Therefore, this battlefield will also be modified in the first season update BF2042.

  1. Netizens also asked about the possibility of reducing the focus on traveling on foot By increasing the number of vehicles available. The developers have rejected this option so far because it is not compatible with the performance improvements that are being made.
  2. instead of this DICE is considering changes to vehicle classes to make air transportation more accessible (eg by transferring the Nightbird MD540 to the attack helicopter group).
  3. Players also want to increase immersion, which – in their opinion – is spoiled by too “clean” maps, making the strategic importance of the flags unclear. The creators will change this, for example by turning the gazebo in sector B1 on the Kaleidoscope into a military installation.
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Mess in the car…

Speaking of vehicles, fans have identified an excessive buildup of machines as the main reason behind the extreme chaos in 128-player matches.

  1. to change it, Developers are considering reducing the maximum number of active devices in a particular category On the battlefield three to two, plus a double “freeze” of helicopters and attack helicopters, for two minutes.
  2. Increasing the space around the flags is also being considered, although so far the idea has not gone beyond discussions between developers.

…and paths to the goal

Another element that hinders guidance on the battlefield is the lack of highly transparent paths leading to the flags. The developers have already announced that the distance between them and the rules will be shortened, but the players also asked the developers to “decorate” the track with covers. It should be added anyway to slightly reduce long-range engagements.

  1. The idea of ​​the fans is that the covers themselves, as it were, mark the paths between the targets, making it easier to move from one point to another and to know where to expect enemy fire from.
  2. Internet users also mentioned certain locations on the maps as meaningless. They are not used when navigating between flags and players do not collide with them. The creators confirmed that they intended to remove such a useless area from a dozen or so maps, Including the E1 sector upon renewal.

Battlefield 2042 players spoke out, DICE commented on the comments on the maps - Illustration #1

Source: Battlefield 2042 official website.

The Future: Season One and the Specialists

Changes related to availability and vehicles will start first. These fixes will be included in a future update.

Then, as announced in March, The creators will be interested in Kaleidoscope repairs and regeneration, which we’ll get in the summer update for Season 1. We’ll learn more when these updates are released.

As for the next DICE entry, it will be dedicated to professionals And it will take a form similar to the map article… Assuming the players will have patience, In their opinionToo slow to fix Battlefield 2042 After more than four months after that lethal – lethal the first show.