343 Industries has perfected ultra-realistic robot behavior in Halo Infinite. Not only did the AI ​​shoot accurately, it was also ready to use the well-known offensive movement which is the field of the most enthusiastic of shooting.

For just a few hours, 343 Industries decided to make classic PVP duels available in the Halo Infinite technical tests, but over the course of the weekend, select players can unite to participate in fierce robot battles.

Artificial intelligence appeared from various forms of persecution, coped with various challenges and shot with extreme accuracy, and at the same time, it turned out that the developers could add to the game a well-known and very humiliating action used by participants in shooting games. The robots, having defeated the opponent, seem to be crouched precisely over the heads of the vanquished:

If this isn’t a bug, it’s possible that studio employees were tempted by an off-the-cuff joke, which is usually viewed very negatively on servers. Several players who commented on the entry confirmed that they experienced similar situations during the tests.

Source: https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/games-xbox-it-seems-halo-infinites-bots-are-learning-to-teabag-real-players-20210731