When arranging a shower area for the elderly, people with physical disabilities, or those with difficulty moving, one must first of all take into account the safety and comfort of its use. Therefore, it is worth getting access to the products of recognized companies that offer solutions that improve comfort in everyday life. What is worth remembering when choosing the right cabin?

Arrangement of a shower area for people with reduced mobility requires certain standards to ensure functionality and safety. The space should be free of architectural barriers, such as thresholds, so that it can be walked easily. It is also worth keeping the so-called maneuver zone, thanks to which the shower will be freely used by people on crutches, walkers or wheelchairs. These are only part of the advice, what else is worth knowing?

The door is wide open

The way you choose to open the door will have a big impact on the comfort of using the shower area. Open cabins, that is, walk-in cabins, have a wide entrance, no moving parts and architectural barriers. Old people or people with disabilities are sure to love them, as they will be very suitable for them. When deciding on this option, it is worth choosing a model made of one pane of glass, which, in turn, will allow you to easily enter the bathroom using a wheelchair. Another recommended solution is cabins with folding or sliding doors that do not require additional opening space. When choosing this option, remember that the width of the door should be at least 90 cm, which will allow people with reduced mobility to comfortably enter and exit the cabin.

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When shopping, it is worth checking whether the selected model can be installed without threshold tape. If so – the shower area will also be free for use by wheelchair users – Says Hanna Bossack of Radaway.

Special mission cabin

Bathrooms can be difficult to arrange. They are of very small size or unusual design. However, this is not an obstacle to arranging the interior in a way that maximizes the use of the available space and creates a comfortable bathing space in it. Non-standard solutions that allow you to create products according to individual needs save.

Thanks to the “Made to Measure” program, we are able to adjust the cabin according to any arrangement. Model with entrance to match the dimensions of a wheelchair or cabin whose glass must be cut to fit the built seat – nothing is impossible for us – Hanna Bosak convinces.

A paddling pool is important

To achieve maximum comfort, it is worth choosing a tiled shower tray. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This type of shower needs a lot of space for floor-mounted building elements. In the case of flats in blocks of flats, the roof is sometimes not thick enough to place it there. If this does not concern us and we have the opportunity to place the cabin directly on the floor – let’s do it. A uniform surface in the bathroom, without any hindrances, is a guarantee of satisfaction and safety. However, if this method of installation is out of the question, then it is worth considering the purchase of a super-leveled model made of marbled agglomeration, which does not require much space and can also be level with the floor level. Its advantages include an anti-bacterial surface, resistant to moisture and fungi, as well as extraordinary durability and strength. In addition, if we decide to use a lumpy bathtub with a stone structure, we will obtain a surface with non-slip properties that reduce the risk of slipping during the shower.

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Useful additions

When choosing a cabin, you should consider accessories. Special handrails, seat or towel rail fixed to cab glass are inexpensive items, ensuring comfort and safety. However, remember to place them in the correct places and adapt them to the height of the user. Thanks to this, a family member will always have everything at hand.