There are other signs that the PS5 may indeed receive support in the form of backwards compatibility with the PS3.

We recently wrote that select PlayStation 3 games have been priced in the PS5 Store, which may indicate that new Sony console owners will have the option of PS3 backwards compatibility. You can check out the reports on this topic here.

Now it turns out that some PS5 owners displayed the trophies yesterday in a strange way. In games completed with PS4, achievements evaporate for several dozen minutes and instead An icon bearing the PS3 logo has appeared. Only the PS5 Game Awards have been shown correctly. The discovery was shared by N7 Niki on Twitter. Below you can check out screenshots of what it looks like in the PS5 menu.

These may actually be attempts to provide PS5 owners with backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3. It remains to wait for the situation to evolve and the official announcement from Sony.

By the way, I encourage you to read Kajetan Węsierski’s text about PS3 games, which will come in handy after introducing backwards compatibility.