There was no such offer yet! “Mask Singer” is a program loved by viewers all over the world. What makes it special and why do the stars want to participate in it? Correspondents “Notes!”

Famous and famous people in funny and cute costumes sing hit songs and try their best not to take off their masks for as long as possible. The “Mask Singer” program has been a hit in 50 countries. Now TVN viewers will watch it.

“Mask Singer” is a new program that has delighted millions of viewers around the world. Several seasons of this show have already been performed in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary and Australia. Now, in the spring, viewers in Poland will see the show for the first time.

Viewers become investigators

The fun is that the stars hiding under the masks sing songs and the viewers try to guess who is hiding under the amazing costumes.

– In this show, we are detectives, and we also get a lot of humor and a smile, such simple fun, where nobody races with anyone – reveals producer Katarzyna Szałańska of Fremantle Media.

Kuba Wojewódzki, Kacper Ruciński, Joanna Trzepiecińska and Julia Kamińska were members of the program’s jury.

My mind goes completely crazy when I hear people hiding under masks. I know I know these voices, but I have no idea who’s there. Once I heard something, but I do not know who it is – admits actress Julia Kameska.

The people in front of the televisions may want to solve this puzzle themselves. And this uncertainty becomes a huge burden. One would like to unmask and wait a month or two. You rejoice, you talk in the family, you argue. Poland will talk about this in different circles. It will be interesting, because it provides a joint pleasure – as you say whoa, Kasper Rosinsky.

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A closely-kept secret

The identity of the twelve stars in the first Polish version of “Mask Singer” is a closely guarded secret. Even the “masked” participants of the show could not see their competitors.

Ex-GROM soldiers and special services watch over and protect the secret and identity of the stars.

– they [uczestnicy] They are trained in this program, they know how to behave in the city. It’s not like we’re picking them up at home. We choose a safe point. After each meeting, it is monitored whether they have a tail – says Arcadius Kobes, Security Coordinator, Combat 56.

amazing costumes

Costumes and masks that hide the silhouettes and faces of the participants of the program are a separate and very attractive element of the show. The creators of stunning and innovative costumes for the participants of the “Mask Singer” are the best Polish fashion designers with international achievements, for example they designed costumes for Lady Gaga.

– This program is a fashion designer’s dream and a lot of fun. For the first time, the product drove me crazy, made it amazing and weird — says Helena Murwick, fashion designer and sculptor.

It will not be easy to guess who sings under the hood.

– I think it would be a surprise. It may turn out that people who did not even suspect that they have this ability and sing well – says Monica Malik, a singing teacher.

This spring there will be 10 episodes of the Polish version of “Mask Singer”. We encourage you to watch!

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