The head of British diplomacy added that the fact that the attackers attacked the port only a day after the signing of the agreement to abolish the ban on grain exports showed that Vladimir Putin could not be trusted.

She said the UK needed to work “urgently” with international partners to find a better way to export grain from Ukraine.

In her opinion, no other way of exporting grain could involve Russia and its broken promises.

Representatives of Ukraine and Russia concluded two separate “mirror” agreements with Turkey and the United Nations on Friday, which would cancel Ukraine’s grain exports through the Black Sea ports. This is to ensure safe sea lanes to three Ukrainian ports: Odessa, the Black Sea and Yuzhny (Bevdny).

Although the dealOn Saturday, the Russian army fired Kalibr maneuverable missiles at a commercial port in Odessa. Two missiles were shot down by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, and two missiles hit the port infrastructure.

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