The ATP authorities announced rule changes on Tuesday. Thanks to them, the game will become much smoother and will not be deliberately stretched. What do the Australian Open organizers say about this?

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Stefanos Tsitsipas

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These are the results of the events of recent months. During tournaments in Cincinnati (ATP Masters 1000) and New York (US Open), tennis players and fans complained that some players were running the match. Most of the accusations were brought against Stefanos Tsitsipas, who used toilet breaks for a long time.

ATP decided to clearly regulate it by law. Starting in the 2022 season, each tennis player will be allowed only one toilet break per match. It will only happen between groups.

Upon reaching the toilet, the tennis player will have three minutes at his disposal. If he also chooses to change his clothes, he will also be given an extra two minutes. Exceeding the time limit will result in a warning from the judge.

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In addition, the ATP announced that it is working on the terms of use of the medical break. The men’s tennis authorities suggested that each player be given only three minutes. He can only use them as part of the interval between games or groups. If a player is unable to continue playing, he will have to forfeit points to receive medical intervention (in the interval between matches or groups). It is not yet known when this ruling will be applied.

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Meanwhile, as reported by The Age daily, the 2021 Australian Open organizers do not plan to implement the new rule on toilet breaks. The Grand Slam competition takes place under the auspices of the ITF, and therefore the interpretation of the Grand Slam Rule Book will be used. According to him, each tennis player can take advantage of two such breaks during a duel of up to three winning sets, the duration of which is not precisely established.

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