We have 3 winners and 3 finalists in the Central Stage of the 44th Olympiad 2020/2021 Agricultural Knowledge and Skills! On Saturday, May 29, 2021 in the lecture hall of the University of Technology and Life Sciences Jan and Jędrzej Śniadeckich in Bydgoszcz, awards and diplomas were presented to the winners of this year’s edition of OWiUR.

More than 200 students from secondary schools from all over Poland took part in the central finals, who got the best results during the regional qualifiers held in April 2021. “Just getting to the finals is a great achievement, so remember that you are all winners” – told Olympians Bożena Kwiatkowska Member of the board of directors and head of the marketing department in a publishing house.

Pride in school and taking outdoors, the winners were:

  • Łukasz Jabłoński – 2nd place in the AGROBIZNES . block
  • Patrick Barris – 3rd in the Animal Production Bloc
  • Szymon Igielski – 4th place in the block gardening.

The finalists are:

  • Maciej Materek, who participated in the animal production block
  • Gabriel Majewski, who joined the competition in the plant production block
  • Aleksandra Trzcińska, who has been involved in block gardening.

Interestingly, all the people from the school in Blichu who qualified for the OWiUR National Finals are students in the third and second grades of the Technical School of Agribusiness. The winners received valuable prizes, i.e. free admission to all universities and other science colleges in the country, a scholarship during the first year of study, and financial and material prizes. All participants will receive distinctions in the professional subjects and will be exempted from the theoretical part of the professional examination. Thanks to these excellent results, the school in Bleich was ranked third in the country, and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development funded a valuable material award for our institution. In addition, annual subscriptions will be sent to the libraries of the three best schools involved in the struggle, as well as to Blich. Journals published by APRA.

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Short presentation of this year’s OWiUR winners and finalists:

Łukasz Jabłoński – He lives in Chuno municipality. He is interested in economics and is talented in this field, so learning professional subjects is easy for him. When it comes to school subjects, she is particularly fond of mathematics. He also successfully participated in the Olympiad of Economic Knowledge. This school year, he willingly participated in additional and various online trainings, for example in the field of economic development in times of an epidemic, financial analysis, as well as in creating his own online store. He plans to study economics, and possibly marketing.

Patrick Barris – Comes from the municipality of Domaniewice. He is a very good student, he has participated in and achieved success in many competitions and Olympiads, for example in the first grade, he has already become one of the finalists in OWiUR, and in this school year of the environmental competition “Closer to the Bees” His parents run an agricultural and animal husbandry farm specializing in milk production. Interested in agriculture, especially animal production. Most likely, his future will be associated with the management of his own agricultural enterprise at a high level. In a year he will study at the SGGW in Warsaw.

Simon Igelsky – He lives in the municipality of Łowicz. He helps with interest on a family farm specializing in food processing, including raising dairy goats. He plans to study economics and then continue to run an agricultural enterprise.

Mass Matric – From the municipality of Zdoni. He is a very good student, with different interests, agricultural, economic, historical, geographical and automotive, especially when it comes to vintage cars and tractors. Macyek willingly helps out on his uncle’s farm. He is ambitious and full of ideas for life. He has not yet fully decided which field of study he will choose.

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Gabriel Majowski – He lives in Masovian Prefecture, Saneki municipality. He has typical agricultural interests, he loves to deal with the plant production department, especially vegetable cultivation, as well as the use of machinery and cars in general. In the future, he wants to continue his education and is likely to take over the farm from his parents.

Alexandra Trzyska He lives in the municipality of Nowa Sucha in the district Mazowieckie. Her parents’ farm specializes in fruit and vegetable production. Ola loves to read fiction books, from an early age she loves to help manage the farm and will be the successor to her parents. Her parents are very proud of her because she knew and knew a lot about gardening when she was in the second grade. He will participate in the Olympic Games again next school year.

Olympona prepared for the different stages of OWiUR under the supervision of professional subject teachers. Anna Kowalska looked after students who distinguished themselves in the following components: plant production, animal production and horticulture, while Elżbieta Wojtyna monitored the drive to work intensively in the agribusiness sector.

Education is crucial to the development of Polish agriculture, so if you have economic and agricultural interests, visit Blech!

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