This Sunday (May 8), a family science outing will take place at the Municipal Stadium in Białystok. Participants can count on many attractions.


On May 7, the 18th Podlasie Festival of Science and Arts begins. A day later, on Sunday, as part of this event, a family science picnic will take place. The organizers made sure that none of the participants got bored.

There will be science presentations, health tips, experiments, lectures and art performances prepared by Podlaskie Universities and Bialystok Science and Technology Park. In addition, the youngest of them will have the opportunity to jump in an inflatable palace and take part in a salsa show and in the many games and competitions dedicated to them. There will also be musical performances, which will surely make for great fun. Students and staff at Bialystok University will set up an exhibition of historical costumes, a fascinating lesson in quality control of chocolate-containing products in the leading role or environmental field game. With colorful and fun experiments, organizers and lecturers will convince that chemistry doesn’t have to be difficult, and that math tasks are with us every day.

During the outing scheduled for Sunday, there will also be attractions for culture lovers. Those interested will have the opportunity to learn about the role that water plays in film and sound art.

Petrus Silos, the famous inventor of Bialystok, will tell fans of the internet world “Are we all going to be cyborgs in 50 years?” , while Professor. UB Danuta Zawadzka will explain what “Mickiewicz’s Dziady” consists of.

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The picnic will start at 10.00 and will continue until 4 pm Details: Family Science Outing

XVIII Podlasie Science and Arts Festival

The Podlasie Festival of Science and the Arts is scheduled to take place from 7 to 13 May. About 500 different events will take place during the event. Some must be registered, others are free. During the event, you will be able to learn many interesting facts about, among other things, the world of science.

During these few days you will be able to visit the UWB Campus, watch the EU & Me discussion on the future of young people in the EU or see an exhibition of bells from around the world.Adventure with Terrariums.

– Apart from Picnic, Bialystok University also prepared attractions in the following days. There will be a lot of unusual guests. On Wednesday, May 11, we invite you to a meeting with Karol Wojcicki – astronomy promoter, enthusiast and night sky photographer, science journalist, creator of Poland’s largest astronomical page “The Head of Stars”. During his lecture, he will talk about the cosmic revolution and the extraordinary events that happen above our heads. Another fun is a trip around the solar system, where the university planetarium and observatory will be invited,” announced Dorota Sawicka of the Center for the Popularization of Science, PFNiS Coordinator at Bialystok University.