Fernando Alonso’s behavior from the first lap of the Russian race has not gone unnoticed by many experts. The 40-year-old cleverly cut through the second session without losing or gaining any position.

The alpine driver’s maneuver sparked a lot of controversy when he attempted a similar feat just before the race. However, the FIA ​​did not take any consequences against him, arguing that You have not gained any permanent advantage.

On the other hand, many observers did not suspect that Alonso’s maneuver was, in a way, a response to the previous behavior of other drivers, who received no penalties for similar infractions. The Spaniard complained about this over the weekends in Austria, and now he’s touching it again:

“I did it because I wanted to receive such questions here in Istanbul. It confirms that when I do such things, suddenly everyone has a different approach to such events. Perhaps there will now be many changes on the side of the road near the first corner,” he said. Two-time world champion, quoted by Autosport.

“For most of the season I was just an idiot with a lot of drivers passing me off the track in several rounds. I remember perfectly the suffering in Austria when no one was watching. After Sochi it all changed suddenly. So it all turned out to be true.”

“There are different rules for different drivers. You can also interpret it this way – you talk about some drivers differently.”

Alonso also commented on the lack of a penalty for Lando Norris for his violation in the late race in Sochi. Then the British crossed the White Line to enter the pit pass, yet he received no penalty. Such a decision he did not like, among other things Alfie Romeo And the Spaniard claims that such a situation was not accidental:

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“We will see who will cross the white line next to the pit lane, what their nationality is and what punishment they will receive.”