The latest 15 free games The Epic Games Store donates During the holidays Alien: Isolation, Which is the largest name dropped from the free prizes to date. This also means, As SlashGear points outThe list, which was leaked on Twitter last week, was correct on each of the top five.

alien: isolation You can download and keep it for free (you need an Epic Games Store account, for free too) until 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday. Creative Assembly 2014 survival horror game He won praise For its visuals, sound design, and level art that was a dead match for the 1979 science fiction movie. That He took more criticism For its relentless opponent and its difficult and repetitive gameplay. Especially, Alien: Isolation Appreciated for being a good Alien licensed game, yet The Gearbox Failure Exotic marine colonies last year.

if Leaked list Which SlashGear has stated is correct, it will be tomorrow’s game Subway No. 2033And then the dictator was sim Tropico 5. New Year’s Eve will end with The evolution of the Jurassic world. Considering the number of these programs that have been offered by free-to-play software on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live over the years, I would say they are a trusted bunch, but you’ll have to check into Epic every day to be sure.

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