Adobe released the final scheduled update for its Flash Player plug-in, weeks before the official Flash retirement. As noted On the Adobe websiteYesterday saw the latest Flash update outside mainland China, which contains a separate version of the program. Adobe will stop supporting Flash on December 31, 2020, and ban Flash content from playing January 12, 2021.

Adobe gave a brief goodbye in its release notes. “We want to take a moment to thank all of our customers and developers who have used and created amazing Flash Player content over the past two decades,” the memo says. “We are proud that Flash has played a critical role in developing web content through animation, interaction, audio and video. We are excited to help lead the next era of digital experiences.”

Flash has been in shredding since 2017 When Adobe announced You will finally end support. Flash was already phased out in major web browsers, and so was Adobe Developers urge In 2015 to switch to newer standards such as HTML5.

There were good reasons for disabling Flash, including frequent and multiple vulnerabilities. But it threatened the survival of countless old games and animations – a problem faced by web conservationists and anyone who fondly remembers platforms like Newgrounds.

Thankfully, we’ve seen numerous efforts to keep flash media alive. An open source emulator It’s called a ruffle You will enable old Flash files through the desktop app or web browser. The Internet Archive uses Ruffle to Preserving more than 1000 games and animations On her site. And Kongregate mega flash gateway Partnership with Mathaf To maintain its library of projects. But Adobe is on the verge of saying one last goodbye forever.

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