Adele sent social media into a meltdown because she exhibited epic weight loss during her Saturday Night Live appearance.

SNL fans only had praise for the talented singer when she stepped out to perform her inaugural monologue in elegant black outfit.

Chasing Pavements starred when she underwent several other dress changes as she showcased her physique in a number of figure-embracing gowns and outfits.

The singer, who recently lost seven gorgeous stones as part of a grueling journey to lose weight, is in high spirits as she confidently leads the show.

It was the first time that Adele had recently featured her skinny character on live TV.

Joined by the musician HER, the night’s guests put on an impressive show as fans continued to receive them from all over the world.

Adele looked sexy as she made the look of SNL

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Adele was quickly showered with praise as fans were quick to praise the star on her “glowing” journey of weight loss and confidence on stage.

“Adele looks great. She looked cool before. But she also looks amazing now,” a fan put it.

“Adele girl told me it’s your diet tea because you madam look great. #SNL #AdeleSNL” he added again.

The singer has switched to different costumes during the show

Another added: “I was shocked at how skinny Adele is, even though she is low.”

A fourth added, “I’m watching #SNL and I have to say, Adele looks amazing!”

Messages continued to flow as the star took on the role of several characters throughout the entertainment show.

Adele showed off her slender figure in several gorgeous dresses

One viewer joked, “Adele is what I want to look like after my divorce.”

“Adele, you are a queen, you made us laugh while you sing! Thank you so much because we adore you and we’ll be patient until the next rumor!” Post Books.

The singer has already blown the crowd when she appeared in a promotional video yesterday in which she tried to imitate an American accent.

Adele opened up about her weight loss

Although American accent didn’t really show up during the Tonight Show, Adele still nailed her comics and blended easily with the SNL cast.

Tonight’s episode saw Adele return to full circle after the show first propelled her to American fame when she debuted 12 years ago.

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