Moreover, in the final episode of the podcast “Węglarczyk About Series”, about what cinema noir is, who is one of the most exciting characters in television history, why Bartek Węglarczyk has not seen any movie about Harry Potter, as well as about a series, based on the example of AIDS , Shows how the emergence of new, previously unknown diseases was measured in the early 1980s.

List of series and movies that we are talking about:

1.10 – “The Naked City”

5.00 – “Revivi”

7.45 – “Red Circle”

14.10 – “Sunset Street”

14.50 – “The Soprano” (HBO)

19.00 – “Harry Potter”

21.55 – “Kenobi” (Disney +)

25.05 – “It is a sin”

31.50 – “Server” (Apple TV +)

33.45 – “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV +)

39.20 – “Fate: The Winx Saga” (NETFLIX)

42.15 – “Home Game” (NETFLIX)

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