This time, the topic of popular science lectures is ecology is widely understood.

We want to talk about a topic that is becoming more and more important to all of humanity, to the Earth, but also (which we do not always realize) of the universe. What is environmental protection and when is environmental terrorism? Does information about climate change from everywhere make us aware of the real problem, or is it a symptom (and sometimes a cause) of unnecessary panic? We want to research questions like these together with our experts – says Patricia Wilkzyowska, KRON co-organizer.

Among the invitees were scholars and promoters of various fields of knowledge.

Dr. Carolina Weirrell, Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Biaystok, Culture Expert and Linguist, will speak on the concept of nature, as well as the relationship between man and nature. He is interested in, among other things, catastrophic, post-apocalyptic art and the environmental humanities.

On the other hand, Dr. Katarzyna Sztop Rutkovskaya? Sociologist from Biaystok University, social and political activist, vice chairman of the board of the “SocLab” Foundation, co-author of the podcast “Certainly” – she will talk about the human approach to the topic of the environment.

Dr. Jakob Buchinsky – astronomer, mathematician, director of space projects, discoverer of many new planets outside the solar system, co-founder of the Society

Science spokespersons, STEM creator – will talk about Kessler’s syndrome and the space debris problem, and how we can deal with these impacts.

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Another guest for creative conversations about science is Adam Ziberit from Bialystok University’s School of Biology. He is an ornithologist and science promoter, Chair of the Department of Science and Nature Conservation of the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (PTOP) and a member of the Foundation Board

Let them live. In his lecture, he will talk about how changes in the environment affect birds.

The invitation from KRON organizers was accepted by Dawid Myśliwiec – creator of the popular science channel “Note Naukowy Bełkot!” , Finalist of the Popularizer of Science Competition organized by PAP – Science site in Poland and the Ministry of Education and Science. His speech will be about coal.

Creative Talks about Science is a science dissemination project that started in February 2016 at Biaystok University, and has been very popular since its inception.

– Every release of KRON brings new themes and new guests. Only the format of our meetings does not change significantly. Speakers (scholars, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts) are invited by us to introduce the audience to a selected issue within 20 minutes. So the first part might resemble, for example, TED / TEDx. During the second part of the meeting, our guests succumb to a fire of questions from other participants in the event? Diverse audience and other speakers. The goal we set for ourselves and our charismatic speakers is to bring science closer to people outside the traditionally understood academic environment. We want to inspire and encourage you to ask questions, expand your knowledge, and choose original development paths. And all this in the most effective way – this is how the idea of ​​KRON was described by the creators of the series, Marian Kozowska and Bowie Zork – former students, now alumni of Bialystok University.

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The 5th edition of Creative Talks on Science will start on May 12 (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm. It will be broadcast on the site Student Parliament UwB on Facebook.

Link to the broadcast