Five boats carrying a total of around 1,000 migrants arrived in Lampedusa on Sunday. They arrived within hours and were intercepted off the coast of an island on the Mediterranean Sea by the Italian authorities. “We need to resume discussions on immigration,” said Mayor Tutu Martello.

Lampedusa, an Italian island in the Mediterranean, is one of the main destinations for migrants – mainly from Tunisia and Libya – to reach Europe.

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On Sunday morning, a fishing boat approached the island of Lampedusa with 398 migrants of different nationalities on board, including 24 women and six children. The unit crashed three nautical miles off the shores of the island. The migrants were transported in steam boats to the office of the port chief and the Financial Guard.

Two large boats and two small boats arrived early on the island

Earlier that day, two large boats arrived on the island. There were 325 migrants on the first ship, and about a hundred people on the second, including a newborn. Lampedusa also visited two small boats with 98 and 16 people on board. The five boats appeared off the coast of the island within a few hours.

One of the two boats had migrants. Both were captured near LampedusaPAP / EPA / ANSA

“We need to resume discussions on immigration.”

“We need to resume discussions on immigration,” Toto Martello, Mayor of Lampedusa, told the RAI network.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian co-ruling federation and supporter of a tougher immigration policy, pointed to the influx of migrants. On Sunday, he said that he believes it is necessary to meet with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in this regard.

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“When millions of Italians are struggling, we cannot think of a thousand illegal immigrants,” Salvini said. He added that the number of arrivals since the beginning of the year has reached 12,000.

In early January, Salvini, father.Dance in a court in Sicily for the detention of migrants on a ship by the Spanish NGO Open Arms. It was about the events of August 2019, when Salvini was Minister of the Interior for three weeks An NGO ship with more than a hundred immigrants on board was not allowed to enter the port of Lampedusa, Conditions were horrible in the heat.

Main Image Source: PAP / EPA / ANSA