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Scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) have developed an interesting system for securing doors and cabinets. The “invisible keyhole” technique is only a theory for now, but researchers hope it will revolutionize current solutions.

The project involves creating staples invisible to the naked eye using transparent polymer films with conductive properties. They are “printed” to obtain the appropriate buttons. The pin plate can then be attached to the door or the hinge so that only the user knows where to find it. This provides additional security – aside from knowing the door opening combination, you’ll also have to find the lock itself. Scientists believe that the printed pin plate can stick to glass.

According to the EMPA, in practice it appears that when trying to open a door, it appears that we have to accidentally touch its various elements. Scientists are convinced that the proposed solution is cheap and very easy to use, so it may become popular in the near future.

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