When reading media reports about people who have fallen victim to a scam, we often think that it won’t happen to us, and we’re being careful. But we forget that the ingenuity of fraudsters is limitless – indicates Asp. personal computer Siluya Seraphine, a press officer at Boufat Police Headquarters in Lubin. – They appear in the most unexpected places, taking advantage of the skills of conversation, the naivety of the interlocutor and the lack of caution, only to manipulate the potential victim from which they will extort money. Unfortunately, “meeting” such a person on our way, when we drift away and are not vigilant, can be very painful for us.

This was discovered by a resident of Lubin Buffat, who for some time had been communicating via an Internet communicator, with a person claiming to be a US soldier on a mission in Afghanistan.

The spokeswoman:

During the conversations, the man confirmed that he had fallen in love with a 64-year-old girl. Plans also extended to living together in Poland.

But one day, something changed – the woman received a message from the “army” that he was tired of his job and wanted to retire. The fraudster wrote to his victim that he sent her a package with documents, but that she was supposed to pay for them.

The 64-year-old made his first transfer: €1,000. But this was not enough for the “Americans”. The woman had to make some extra payments. She lost more than 20,000 zlotys in total.

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The semi-soldier assured him that he would return all the money once he retired he deserved and showed up in Poland. Of course, nothing of the sort happened.

This type of fraud carries a prison sentence of six months to eight years.