A spacecraft on Mars during its journey through the Jezero Crater noticed an unexpectedly shiny piece of material. Is it a new unknown mineral? Or perhaps the remains of another civilization? The truth is more trivial.

Hikers roam the red planet in search Interesting articles to search. Perseverance was sent with the intent of making notes in Jezero Crater. The crater has a diameter of 47.52 kilometers, so it is not the largest of its kind on the planet. So what prompted scientists to send the rover there? Jezero Crater is a great place to explore due to its nature Rich geological history. There are many different types of rocks available here, even from the planet’s oldest periods.

Recently, NASA informed Shiny substance found on Mars In silver. Is it a new unknown mineral? Or perhaps the remains of another civilization? Unfortunately, none of the above. And soon the agency made it clear that what can be seen In the lens of the rover It is nothing but human waste. shiny material It turns out that in fact A piece of thermal blanketThe rover was packed before it was launched into space.

still a mystery how Cloth he was there. It is true that the rover is close to its landing site (Kodiak area) and Impact force on the surface of Mars She may have thrown a piece of the thermal blanket there, but the discovery was made two kilometers from where the capsule hit.

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Image Credit: NASA

Text source: NASA