before the program Love Island: Love Island He debuted on Polsat, earning recognition among Polish viewers, and has also appeared in the United Kingdom and Australia, among others. Previous versions of these two countries can also be watched on one of the streaming platforms available in our country.

love island: Great Britain and Australia – Where to watch?

Waiting for the sixth version of the program Love Island: Love Island Polish viewers will have the opportunity to watch previous versions of their favorite program from other countries. The first two versions of the Australian version of the show, australian love island And the first 5 seasons of the British version, Love Island in the UKAvailable on the Polsat Box Go platform.

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love island – What is the program about?

No matter the country, the program love island It works on the same principles. In each edition, handsome men and beautiful women are transported to the island where their multi-week adventure begins.. The task of each of the participants is to find their great love. Interestingly, the appearance of new people during the season may become a new topic of interest to one of the candidates, and thus the other contestants are eliminated from the program. A couple will come to the finals, where the participants, apart from great love, have the opportunity to leave the show with cash prizes, and they will remain by their side until the end.

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