The new application being received by Peterborough City Council may find residents living next door to students if approved.

The proposal received by the council on January 6 is for the creation of a “co-living” space in the neighborhood.

Plans for the apartment building to be built in Newark Court in Dogthorpe will include 30 rooms and community areas that the developers believe can be made available to students, professionals and retirees.

It will be built within the existing nursing home structure, which was approved in 2016 but was never completed, and will replace an abandoned office building on the verge of demolition.

BM Design Consultancy, the agency behind the project, says in its planning documents that a shared living space can increase social interaction and combat loneliness among Peterborough residents.

The plans say: “Condominium projects offer benefits, such as flexible living and social interactions, similar to housing models that help counter loneliness.

“Mental well-being and increased social participation often in living together” linked.

They add that its potential population would include “a diverse population in many different age groups”.

The common spaces will include a gym, garden room, offices, kitchen, dining rooms, lounges and terraces.

Each passenger will have their own bathroom and parking space.

BM Design explained how the existing building will be used in the construction of an apartment building: “This condominium proposal is designed according to the approved building structure and maintains its height with only a few minor changes. The major change is the removal of one floor from the building.”

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