In addition to securing the basic needs of the needy in Kolobrzeg, care was also taken to ensure that the citizens of Ukraine would forget, if only for a moment, what is happening in their homeland.

Both individuals and organizations want to restore their smile and childhood to their children, at least to some extent, by offering free educational and sports activities.


  • Wrestling Club Kolobrzeg, tel. 793283663
  • Sensation Kotwica Kołobrzeg, Tel: 600535966

Dance classes:

  • International Dance Academy, Tel: 605695863

Learn the Polish language:

  • Learn Polish for Children, Teens and Adults – Carolina Rijmac Language Center, tel. 515348483
  • Learn Polish for teenagers and adults – School of Foreign Languages ​​”Europe”, tel. 94 35 40207

educational activities:

  • Polish educational and learning activities, games and activities – contact: [email protected]
  • State Primary School of Music, tel. 94352 32 01

Anyone who can provide similar assistance please contact municipal information point For refugees from Ukraine in Kołobrzeg – ul. Okopowa 15A / 206, or send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

Author: [email protected]

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