In 2012, the world was shocked by reports that journalist Jimmy Savile, admired by viewers for his expressive personality and charitable work, was hiding a hideous secret. An investigation against the late BBC presenter showed that he had serial pedophilia. Savile committed more than 200 sexual crimes, including 34 rapes – the majority of which were of underage girls.

In June 2014, an investigation by the British judiciary revealed that this practice was carried out under the guise of charitable work – the abuse that the presenter was subjected to during his volunteer work in several local hospitals. According to the investigators’ findings, Savile was also said to have committed necrophilia.

On April 6, a documentary about the crimes of the disgraced journalist appeared on Netflix. The production, titled Jimmy Savile: British Horror, based on numerous archival recordings, analyzes his relationships with the British, the establishment, and the media to see how he managed to deceive his countrymen and remain unpunished. Savile has raised millions of pounds over the years for charity and was even awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II. His funeral was broadcast live on BBC.

A new Netflix documentary has revealed that the King’s son was among the notorious presenter’s close friends. Prince Charles wrote Savile letters asking him for advice on contacts with the media and charities and fixing the dull image of the royal family.

According to published correspondence, Savile was a kind of unofficial advisor to the heir to the British throne. The aristocrat had to invite him to meet his sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, and showed evidence of the media relations established by the Queen and her husband.

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Prince Charles wrote: “I think you are a man who knows what he has. I need some suggestions on how to get into parts of the country that others have failed to get to, and how to organize meetings with members of society who have not taken notice.” In a letter sent in 1989. “Jimmy Savile advised the royal family and helped them respond appropriately to the crises of the image. He prepared a guide in which he suggested how the Queen and her relatives should behave at that time” – revealed the director of the documentary Rowan Deacon in an interview with “The Times” “.

In her opinion, members of the royal family had no idea about Savile’s crimes. The creator emphasizes, however, that in the past the eccentric showman was accused of violations, which, however, were constantly ignored. In 1998, the police received an anonymous letter claiming that Savile was confident of his safety because of the “people he’s serving with.”

He was on friendly terms with, among other things with then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who successfully lobbied for his nobility. “His acquaintances and titles have strengthened the confidence of the British. We do not at all suggest that the Queen or Prince Charles was aware of his crimes. We only want to show that the approval of the most prominent figures in politics and show business has calmed the vigilance of millions of his fans “- concludes Deacon.