The Russian number station UVB-76 has been broadcasting continuously since 1982. One of the conspiracy theories is that when the device stops sending messages, it will automatically release nuclear charges. The station recently broadcast unusual content that may indicate the presence of hackers.

UVB-76, called “Ghost Radio,” has been broadcasting anonymous messages for years. It is a short wave radio that transmits a regular signal at a frequency of 4625 kHz approximately 25 times per minute. Because it produces distinct sounds, it was later called “Brzęczyk” (Russian: Żużżałka).).

According to one of the most popular conspiracy theories, UVB-76 is associated with the “Dead Hand” system, which in the event of a loss of signal and no response of a living person To launch nuclear missiles from Moscow.

unusual sign

In January, the station began broadcasting something unexpectedly unusual. After passing the votes through spectrum analyzer Popular Internet memes have emerged, including cats and the Simpsons character. UVB-76 also aired songs, including “Gangnam Style” and Bonnie M.’s “Rasputin”. And according to foreign (including Russian) media, this may indicate an attack by hackers who took over the frequencies of the station.

NATO suits Russia.  Modern weapons will go to Eastern Europe

NATO suits Russia. Modern weapons will go to Eastern Europe

Although it is still unknown what this was supposed to mean, theories have emerged that it could be a signal to start military action. In turn, on December 5, 2010, an audio broadcast was broadcast in which a number of male and female names were mentioned.

The main transmitters used by UVB-76 are Molniya-2M (PKM-15) and Molniya-3 (PKM-20) with an estimated transmitting power of 10 kW. The device also has a backup transmitter Viaz-M2. The antenna is a horizontal VGDSh dipole with a height of about 20 m.