On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, on the portal www.radomsko24.pl, we published two articles about the clutter that can be found about garbage containers, among other things, in the apartment complexes of Radomsko or the courtyards of apartment houses in the city center. After our post, the issue was addressed by Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej.

We publish the input content that appeared on the Facebook profile of the municipal municipality company.

It happens that our company receives signals about the “chaos” prevailing in or in the immediate vicinity of waste containers.

In recent days, images have surfaced from Radomsko squares, showing a lot of “chaos” around the containers, in the media space. It is sad that such situations occur. Unfortunately, this “disruption” is often cleaned up by our staff, even though it does not fall within the scope of service.

We remind you that PGK Sp. Z oo in Radomsko carries out the waste collection service of Radomsko residents according to collection schedules. We would also like to remind you that bulky waste is also collected on the dates indicated in the schedules. In order to prevent a similar “mess”, it is worth remembering that in the case of large-scale waste, it is better to place it the day before the planned collection. In the case of post-regeneration waste, you must order a suitable container or hand it over yourself and return it free of charge (1000 kg per year) to the selective municipal waste collection point in Płoszów on ul. 40- A tribe.

In the event that the waste containers provided by us are not sufficient to contain all the waste “generated” by the residents, it is possible to request an additional container.

We also encourage you to store waste, especially in residential communities and cooperatives, in so-called organized nests in designated, roofed and enclosed spaces, which are only accessible to authorized residents.

Let’s take care of the space around us every day. Then life tastes much better.

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