NASA’s CNEOS website contains a constantly updated list of so-called near-Earth asteroids, things that pass near our planet. According to the latest information, one of them will appear near the Earth on Sunday.

I’m talking about asteroid number 7335 also called “1989 JA”which was discovered on May 1, 1989. Performed by Eleanor Helen, American astronomer who died in 2009.

“1989 JA” rocky body, Which belong to the so-called Apollo group, that is, a group of near-Earth asteroids, revolving not only around the Earth’s orbit, but also around Venus, and sometimes Mercury.

As NASA indicates, the object will pass us at a relative speed of 13.12 km / s, or more than 47 thousand kilometers per hour.. The shortest distance would be about 4 million km, more than 10 times the distance from Earth to the Moon.

It is the largest object of this type that will pass our planet this year. Fortunately, at a safe distance, otherwise a dangerous event may occur. It is noteworthy that “1989 ME” was not very close to our planet and will not come very close in the next 172 years.

You have to wait two years

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