Biblia Audio Superprodukcja is – & nbspjak Czeczot boasts – the only ecumenical written radio drama on a global scale.

Nearly 500 artists participated in over 100 hours of production, including. Janusz Gagus, Christina Ganda, Jerzy Trela ​​and Majorzata Kuchuska. An additional 10,000 have also participated in the recordings.

The sound effects were recorded in & nbspIzraelu. The project was a great success in Poland. About 200,000 people listen to the app or CD and nbspBiblia Audio regularly.

Audio Bible. Now the United States

Krzysztof Czeczot and his associates plan to replicate this success abroad, but this time on an entirely different scale.

– The US production will feature 130 actors from & nbspHollywood, with this very popular name Oscar winner. 100 Americans will also join the cast, two from each US state. The English version of the audio Bible will be realized with 3D sound technology, and the radio playback recordings will take place in the legendary Formosa studio – where the audio was released for such songs as Zjawa, Mad Max or For Call from the Duty games, Battlefield – & nbspchwali actor Krzysztof Czeczot.

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