Step Two: Bathing Area

A comfortable bathroom is something that many people dream of. However, owners of small bathrooms often abandon the vision of their own home spa, placing shower cabins in them. However, in practice, even with a small area, you can create a functional design of a bathroom with a bathtub. In many cases it is helpful to seek help from a professional, for example with services like z Online bathroom design with designer. This will help determine if there is room for even a small bathtub in a given interior, and will also suggest how to make the best use of the available space.

In turn, the design of the bathroom with a shower allows you to use the recesses or corners of the relatively small room. Regardless of the solution chosen, remember to place the bathtub or stand-up bathtub at an appropriate distance from other equipment – at least 20-30 cm. Thanks to this, it will be convenient not only to use them, but also to clean them.

Do-it-yourself bathroom design should also take into account the appropriate amount of free space that allows you to get out of the bath or shower, turn around and other activities, such as getting dressed. Architects and designers often assume that this space should be a rectangle with a length of 100-120 cm and a width of 70-100 cm. You should also take into account the way in which any cabin door is opened – so that other items of equipment do not become an obstacle to them.

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