The United Kingdom has included Turkey in the list of countries not recommended for travel due to the high number of Coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, the UEFA Champions League Final is set to be held in Istanbul on May 29, but the English want it to be staged on their home turf. This is what the deciding match combination prefers – Manchester City will play Chelsea.

2021 UEFA Champions League Final It would be an internal affair for the Premier League representatives. In the semi-finals City of Manchester exclusion Paris Saint-Germain For the first time in history, he will fight for victory in the most important soccer competition on the old continent. London players will be standing on the other side of the field ChelseaWho fled Real Madrid.

The LM final is scheduled to take place in Istanbul, but things have been complicated by the coronavirus and politics. The United Kingdom has just entered Turkey in the list of non-travel destinations. For this reason, the English are trying to transfer this match to their lands.

LM 2021 Final in England?

The Football Association is in talks with UEFA on this matter. We are ready to organize the final match British Transport Minister Grant Shaps said.

From 12 May, there will also be a travel ban from Turkey to the UK, except for the British returning home, who will, however, have to quarantine in a hotel at their own expense upon arrival in the UK (£ 1750 per person). .

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“I fear the fans will not go to Turkey when it comes to the Champions League,” Shabs added.

The UK ranks first in Europe for deaths from COVID-19 (more than 127,000 victims), but the health situation has improved significantly thanks to a strict three-month lockdown and a very advanced vaccination campaign. Currently, there are approximately 2000. infections and about 15 deaths.

Manchester City players will face Chelsea at home on Saturday in the 35th Premier League match. If the citizens won, they would secure the England championship.