Treffl Sopot will make an official appearance in the European Basketball League North in the 2022/2023 season. This means that thanks to playing in the European Cups, yellow and black players will be able to sign six, not five, foreign players in basketball. One of them is already there, because Latvian Roland Freemanis has joined the team in recent weeks.

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Treffl Sopot has officially confirmed that it will compete in the 2022/23 season in the European Basketball North League. European Cups are something that both the club and the coach have been keen on to Shan Tabek.

This is the factor that will attract foreign basketball players To play in yellow and black. The key information is the fact that thanks to playing in the European Cups, Trefl will be able to hold six Such players and everyone will also be able to play in EBL. On the other hand, teams appear only in the Polish League It may only consist of five foreigners.

We are pleased that our team will play in Europe for the second consecutive season. We are convinced that competition with foreign clubs is an opportunity to develop the sport for the club and the players, and in the long run it facilitates the work of coaches and prepares the team to fight for higher goals – says Marek Wirzbeckypresident of Treffl Sopot.

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Treffl Sopot – Staff movements ahead of the 2022/23 season

they came:
Jan Malisa (Position: Defender, former club: Górnik Wałbrzych, Trefl contract – 1 season)
Roland Freemans (Strong winger, ES Chalon-Sur-Saone, contract – two seasons)
Jacob Koulibaly (GBA winger Sulky Belremov, Czech Republic, two-season contract)
Jaroslav Zyskovsky (winger, Inia Zestal Zilona Gora, contract – 3 seasons)
Andre Blotta (Quarterback/Defender, Abramchik Astoria Bydgoszcz, season 1, season 1)
Shan Tabak (passport: Croatia, senior coach, 3 seasons).

Important contracts:
Michel Kolinda (shooter, spanned three seasons), Daniel Zykowski (defender/winger), Sebastian Rumba (centre), Piaget Kulikowski (defender/winger), Hubert Schaack (playmaker)

They are gone:
Josh Sharma (centre, new club: London Lions/UK), Deandre Davis (centre, Kanjuroz Basket Michelin/Belgium), Mateusz Szlachitka (quarterback, GTK Glivice), Karol Grosicki (defender/winger, PGE Sponia Stargard) ), Lukasz Klawa (Wing, Sensation Kotwica Kołobrzeg), Pawe Leończyk (Wing/Center, Termination of Contract by Mutual Agreement, Grupa Sierleccy Czarni Słupsk)

End of contracts:
Darius Mutin (Defender/Winger), Darren Dorsey (Quarterback), Angelo Warner (Quarterback)

Current Team of Basketball Players Treffl Sopot

The Northern European Basketball League in the European hierarchy of games is: the Euroleague, the European Cup, the European Champions League, and the European Basketball Cup, in which Trefl played last season. This is a recently established international competition, the first edition of which was held last season. At that time, the only Polish club to take part in this struggle was Anuel Włocławek, who defeated Lithuanian BC Siauliai 90:79 in the final.

– The ENBL League is a new game, but with great potential for development, especially in the changing world nowadays. organizers, With whom we have been in close contact since the summer of 2021, they are people full of passion for basketball and focused on promoting it. They managed to create an interesting project, which gave the opportunity to perform at international clubs that do not hide their sporting aspirations, but for various reasons could not secure a place in traditional competitions. The new Sports Edition will definitely be higher than the first and we are counting on an interesting competition. For our partners, it is also an opportunity to present themselves and advertise in new and attractive markets – adds the president.

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In the 2022/2023 season, the number of teams participating in the competition will double – from 8 to 16. The teams will be divided into two groups, with each team playing a total of 7 matches. Next will be the playoff stage, which culminates in the Final Four.

Treffl is one of four Polish teams that will participate in the Northern European competition next season. At ENBL we will also see Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra, Polski Cukier Pszczóka Start Lublin and King Szczecin. The league will also include clubs from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Israel. The full list of participants will be published at a later time.