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M1 Mac computers Widely CPU performance. However, since many premium laptops had the drawback of the impossibility of replacing components. At least that’s what I had thought so far. However, someone found a way to put in more RAM and a bigger SSD.

This person is Chinese engineer Yang Changshun (he discovered it as the first MacRumours portal). Replace RAM and SSD with larger capacity components. Interestingly – these hardware changes are easily detected by macOS and no hardware conflicts arise because of this.

Changshun made him Mac Boca Aira With 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Until now, Apple’s official position has been that the components in computers with the M1 processor cannot be replaced.

Unfortunately, the entire Mac M1 component update process isn’t the easiest. The RAM module and SSD are soldered to the motherboard – which means the procedure is risky. Without a doubt, with this manual overlap we will also lose the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, you also need to specify which components will be compatible with the system.

Nevertheless, it is an incredibly interesting find. Perhaps thanks to this, people skilled in such operations will be flooded with phones that demand to install better components, and at the same time earn money from the entire project.

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It is still not known if Apple will decide to do something about this finding, for example, to release an update that prevents the components listed from being detected.