People who own a Bristol home where The latest version of Banksy has appeared Withdrew from selling it.

The family told ITV News West Country that they are due to sign swap contracts next week, but pulled out of the sale after the elusive street artist confirmed the business was his business.

The “achoo” piece appeared on Thursday 10 December, as it clumped around quickly before Banksy claimed credit for the piece a few hours later on his Instagram page.

The piece of art was created on the side of a Park Street estate. The action can be seen from Vale Street, which is famous for being the steepest road in Britain.

The work creates the illusion that a pensioner’s sneeze knocks at the house.

Banksy works at Totterdown.

The property, Nicholas McCain’s mother, Eileen, was due to be exchanged for the sale next week.

But Banksy’s business may see the value of the family home rocket. According to Zoopla, the average house value on the street is £ 300,000 – but Banksy’s business has sold for the millions.

Mr McCain said people were climbing into the house while he slept last night, to get the best look at the new business.

McCain’s brother helped him put perspex on top of the artwork to protect it, and he told ITV News West Country that he would talk to security companies today about how to keep them safe and what to do now.

He said his mom feels so sad about all this attention and they will take time to think about what they should do next.

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