However, it sounds funny, given the fact that it took two weeks to fix one of the most annoying things about it. And it’s free.

Alternate Crowd Behavior fixes the crowd in Cyberpunk 2077. At least a little

On the NexusMods website A file has appeared that allows to significantly reduce the behavior of the most annoying characters in the game. If we look at the specifications, we’ll see that the mods have improved a lot of things two weeks after the premiere.

Moreover, the creators themselves admit that even with this long list of changes they have not been able to correct all of the shortcomings in NPC behavior (for example, disappearing while they attack the player), but thanks to this mod, the game world will behave “less foolishly”. By watching the video below, I think you can say that the mission was a success.

Modders are working hard like the developers to fix Cyberpunk

Obviously, the mod scene does not have access to tools like creators and will not be able to fix, for example, a broken AI algorithm in the game or a broken search system. However, I am also fond of the work of these people who have managed to improve a lot in such a short time. If we just entered the list of mods for the NexusMods, we’d see a big list of fixes. Here, for example, we have a mod that allows for better vehicle control, increases the FPS number or drag range, and improves the character control itself. Also, keep in mind that the people behind these mods are driven by an absolute desire to improve the game.

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