Record-tying Alon Wayne Jones night in Paris ended with Wales’ fourth consecutive defeat as his team paid for his poor defensive display.

The captain equaled the record set by Richie Macau of 148 caps at the Empty Stade de France, but he hit a bad shot in the first half from Bernard Le Roux without punishment. With 15 complete on the pitch, France scored three first-half attempts, two from Antoine Dupont – man of the match – and one from Cyril Bale. Romain Ntamack added three transforms.

Lee Halfpenny had given Wells a try in the first minute but his team’s defense was riddled with holes as the Six Nations Championship at the start of the year and proved costly. Ntamak’s shoe and his attempt by Charles Olivon and Teddy Thomas secured France’s victory in the second half and despite late solace from Nicky Smith, Wells was beaten.

Welles was just 58 seconds ahead. Gregory Aldert dropped the kick-off for Biggar and touched the ball. From the line, Justin Tiborich and Dan Biggar sent Hafbenne into the corner in less than a minute. About Biggar and added a penalty kick before clearing an injury when he chased a kick to touch and pull it. France had started out awfully, but soon they woke up.

Ntamack came out through a hiatus and found Dupont’s half-back partner in support. Josh Adams stops Les Bleus a short distance from the streak, but a quick click breaks Baille. Natmak switched with Biggar’s reply with three points.

Bigar obviously looked far from 100% but he is plow. Half-Fly Welsh is the final contender, but he was not helped by his team’s streak that did not shoot all cylinders.

France produced two more impressive attempts before the break, but were helped by the weak Welsh defense. First, Ntamak and Veremi Vakatawa led the attack, sending Thomas to fly into the wing. Again DuPont was in support and this time he scored. Ntamak turned to put his team at the top for the first time.

There was still time before the break for Tiborich to drop the line unnecessarily leaving Vakatawa with a large gap to hit. Dupont was the benefactor with a simple ending. Ntmak transformation.

Biggar kicked a penalty kick early in the second half, but Gregory Aldrette had to succumb to a fourth French attempt when he dropped a babysitter with a dividing line.

Ntamack offered some solace with his first three-point effort and Biggar refused to respond in favor of the corner as James Davies got into the fight for the flank.

The decision-making in Wales seemed to be a long way off. On a stormy night, they were supposed to kick more and when I looked up the ball to run, it was then that they put the boot on the ball.

Gareth Davis and newcomer Sam Barry also came in as Biggar missed the kick-off in the goal. Gloucester Louis Rees-Zammit winger also came to his first taste of international rugby and Biggar was once again veering off the tee. The lost six points were costly to say the least.

France put the game in a separatist attempt. That man Dupont was once again in the center of things with Olefone the guy who broke the lead and scored. Ntmac shifted and that was despite Reese’s late replacement Patchell Biggar

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Substitute prop Smith grabbed one back but Thomas scored out of nowhere with a superb shot, chased and rubbed salt ntamak into Welsh wounds from the touchline.

Welles now has a lot to prove when they face Scotland in their last Six Nations tournament match at Yaneli.