The European Junior Diving Championships started in Bucharest. Emilia Wittek was on the verge of winning a medal in the competition on the 3-meter trampoline.

Emilia Wittek and Natalia Biwarska joined the competition in Category B (born in 2007, 2008). Wittek did better in the qualifying rounds, entering the finals in the fifth round, which was a good sign. On the other hand, Piwowarska came in 20th place. In the final, Emilia Wittek did well. Her second final jump was the best, doing two and a half somersaults of a dolphin in a broken position. In the end, our actress collected 309.40 points, which gave her fourth place. Emilia Wittek lost the medal by 3.05 points. The gold medal was won by Giorgi De Sanctis.

In the qualifying rounds on the one-meter trampoline in Class B we could see Nataniel Dynak at the start. However, our representative did not count in the fight for promotion to the final. The pole didn’t make bad jumps, but they weren’t good enough to allow him to start even later. In the end, Dynak took 17th place. In the subsequent final, Kirillo Azarov won a certain gold medal, almost 30 points ahead of the second Oscar Kane.

At the end, there were simultaneous competitions for juniors and juniors from the podium (jumps occur from different heights). Both classes participated in these competitions. Unfortunately, we did not see representatives of Poland in any of the competitions. Gold medalists were Frida Dohmer and Carolina Youth Coordinators, and Juniors Robbie Lee/Ewan McCabe won.

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3m starting point, junior class B:

1- Giorgia de Sanctis (Italy) – 331.25

2- Vanessa Renes (Germany) – 318.65

3. Juliana Schnabel (Germany) – 312.45

4. Emilia Wittek – 309.40

20. Natalia Biowarska

1 meter springboard, junior, class B:

1- Kirillo Azarov (Ukraine) – 407.50

2- Oscar Keane (Great Britain) – 379.15

3- Marko Holjev (Croatia) – 364.65

17. Nathaniel Dink

Synchronous platform, entry-level class A/B:

1. Frieda Dommer / Coordinators Carolina (Germany) – 237.42

2. Chloe Johnson / Hannah Newbrook (UK) – 235.77

3- Sofia Osman / Sofia Ioanwa (Ukraine) – 223.80

Platform Concurrently, Juniors, Class A/B:

1. Ruby Lee / Ewan McCabe (UK) – 265.74

2- Francesco Casalini / Tommaso Zanella (Italy) – 263.16

3- Danilo Barsoko (Ukraine) – 254.76

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