It has been known for some time that the T7 Multivan will make a lot of changes. First of all, it will be built on the MQB platform and will share a lot of components, among other things with the new Golf. In addition, his body will be distinguished by more compact dimensions.

Germany, which revealed the graphics 1.5 months before its premiere, confirms, however, that when it comes to design, the T7 Multivan is It takes full advantage of the heritage of its ancestors. With individual details, attempts were made to refer to almost every model from the past, while preserving the distinctive line. Volkswagen has not abandoned the use of new solutions, such as the LED lighting strip on the front apron. The image below also shows how the model has changed over the years.

So far, Volkswagen has also revealed that the new Multivan will receive a shift-by-wire switch for the first time to make better use of the space between the front seats. for the same reason The physical handbrake lever has been abandoned – It will be replaced with an electronically controlled button.

The Germans will also bid farewell to the compact sofa in the second row of seats. Instead, they will appear Individual seatsThat would allow for better arrangement and individual configuration of the interior. VW also revealed that it will be able to find a 10-inch multimedia system screen on board for the first time – 360 degree camera system.

Volkswagen T7 photographed on the streets of Szczecin. Debut soon

The next version of the Volkswagen Transporter will appear in 2021. There is not much time left until the premiere, as evidenced by test samples …

The premiere of the new VW T7 Multivan is scheduled Mid-June 2021.

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