Strictly Come Dancing came to its emotional conclusion on Saturday night after weeks of catchy entertainment.

Final BBC The dance competition saw Macy Smith, Jamie Ling, Bill Bailey and Hervey compete with three epic dances in an effort to be crowned champion.

And it was Bill Bailey and professional dance partner Ottie Mapuse who brought celebrities back to life Strictly The Glitterpool Cup at the end of an epic evening.

The 55-year-old, the oldest contestant to lift the coveted trophy, said that winning “feels surreal, it feels extraordinary, it feels great. I never thought we’d get that far.”

Praising Otty, Bell added, “I had the most extraordinary teacher, the most exceptional dancer, who believed in me from the start and found something inside of me, that turned me into this, a dancer.”

Otte replied: I think you are amazing, awesome.

“You just put your heart into everything, and you put your soul in everything. You are in your world but I love your world …

“Thank you for being a friend, a father figure, and a brother for this.”

The moment Bill and Uti find out they have won the Strictly 2020 competition

Many fans were thrilled with this ad.

Someone wrote, “The #Strictly Bill & Oti win is one of the few notable events of 2020.”

Another said, “Well, something good happened in 2020 !! Bill and Ute are the right and legitimate winners #Strictlybbcstrictly.”

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And a third added: “Bill and Ottie – deserve winners who dance with precision … Bill was amazing and Uti was a great choreographer and a set of positive energy. Worthy winners of the Shiny Ball of 2020.”

A fourth commented, “Hateers will hate, but Bill and Otti are the only couple who deserve to win the 2020 precision.”

But some felt that the other spouses were robbed of the strict champion title.

It was an anxious wait to see results

“Congratulations to Bill and Uti, but I am afraid that they did not win well. This country is not voting for talent, so what is wrong ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????? wrote one.

Another commented, “Just remember that Maisie and Gorka are totally robbed of what they deserve !!

Third, he shouted, “If my night can’t get hurt. @ HRVY Was ROBBED #StrictlyFinal #Strictly.”

A fourth added: “A totally disgusting result when you have the likes of Maisie and HRVY #Strictly.”