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June 20, 2021, 15:15

Aouranth and Indiefoxx, popular pool streamers, have been banned from Twitch. It is clear that the authorities of the platform decided that the content created by both women is very controversial.

Not a whole month ago inform us It was about the emergence of a new category of pools, hot tubs, and beaches on Twitch. It was meant to be a space where pool creators like Amouranth and Indiefoxx could post their controversial material. Content created by both ladies apparently turned However, not even suitable for this class because Their Twitch channels are temporarily suspended.

The platform’s owners have not stated the official reason behind the decision to ban Amoranth and Indiefoxx (as well as the pseudonymized banners). Mia Salina), but it’s not hard to guess The reason is the sexual content provided by the ladies. Viewers in skimpy or provocative clothing made suggestive sounds under the pretext of recording ASMR material, which, for the sake of art, was addressed in esports competitions. However, on the last broadcast, the ladies began blowing gases, which would have been a drop that filled a fit of good taste.

It is noteworthy that Twitch has so far accepted the Aouranth and Indiefoxx material, although it has sparked a lot of controversy among users of the platform. Nothing abnormal?? Both broadcasters have attracted a large audience, thus, genrewa³y he won. Suffice it to say that it is only Jenelle?? Indiefoxx?? Dagres is watched by nearly a million people on Twitch ?? Of them 130,000 started in the last month? An average of 13,000 internet users are watching live.

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The ban is not likely to be permanent and the channels in the three countries will be unblocked within a few days at most. as it The main stakeholders did not pay much attention to the whole situation ?? So he was joking They are working So hard that they took a vacation under it they will go to sleep?? One might expect this story to continue.