After more than a month of hiatus, the Moscow Stock Exchange began to operate again. The Russian Central Bank announced that it will be possible to trade shares again from Monday, March 28. However, the exchange will only operate for half a day from 9.50 am to 13.50 am.

The Russian Stock Exchange is slowly opening up

The Moscow Stock Exchange closed after Western countries imposed sanctions on Russian companies and the government in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The Moscow Stock Exchange began partially operating on Thursday, March 24. Shares of listed Russian companies fell significantly on Friday.

Shares of the Russian airline Aeroflot lost 16.4 percent. Aeroflot’s ability to operate was severely limited. The airspace and airports of the European Union and the United States have been closed to aircraft from Russia. The company will also soon have trouble keeping planes in the air, because Boeing and Airbus have suspended delivery of spare parts to Russia.

Access to the exchange will be possible only for persons residing in Russia. The exchange will open on April 1 for foreigners. The ban on short options trading is still in effect.

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