When we first heard that the British were planning to locate a brilliant detective of our time, most of them shouted, “It can’t go wrong!” How astonished we were all when it turned out that Sherlock Holmes, who lived in London in the 21st century, would be no less interesting than the original character from Arthur Conan Doyle’s book. This is largely due to Benedict Cumberbatch, who created his own version of Holmes – we must hate and love her. In my opinion, seasons 3 and 4 are a big drop in figure – a lot of jokes, not enough standout items, but it’s still high-quality entertainment. The question about Season 5 is justified – the BBC would like to shoot a new series, but the lead actors’ sketches are full and the budget matters.


You discovered this series when Season 2 aired, relatively late, so don’t make the same mistake. If you like the Atmosphere series, I’ll put Broadchurch to the fore. Among the most important features of the series are its characters, great music and beautiful clips. The filming locations are very charming and many fans decided to visit these places in the UK very quickly. Broadchurch (season 1) focuses on the murder of a young boy from a small town. In addition to the local police, a visiting investigator is also investigating who is not welcome here. This amazing role was played by David Tennant.


Among all this list, I came across the most recent series “Luther”. Earlier I heard a lot of good things about him, but never really caught the moment to find out for myself. Having done so, she is quickly convinced of Idris Elba. I understand that if not everyone will sympathize with him, the more it gets that over these few seasons, he might start to feel a little angry – or so it was with me. That’s why, even though “Luther” is a great detective series, it has divided the show of all seasons into 3 attempts that are separated by breaks. The dark, unpleasant things and dark alleys of London are absorbed quickly.

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My discovery last year. When it appeared on Netflix, one weekend was enough to watch all eight episodes. The great opening credits are just cake on the cake, which tastes great – from the pictures, through the acting (especially Anna Friel as Marcella Buckland) and the story that hides a secret that’s slowly being revealed. Loved this evenness of plot – there’s no place for weak loops here. A policewoman disturbed by the effects of illness (separatist fugue) tries to find herself in the middle of a problematic situation – returning to service when her husband leaves her and taking on a serial killer case 11 years ago.

the crown

The history of the British royal family has never been presented in such detail – Queen Elizabeth II is the main character in the Netflix series, and it all starts before her coronation. It is the most expensive fashion series on Netflix, with one season costing £ 100m, and after each episode the most insightful viewers signed up for a “Wikipedia trap” to read information about historical facts.

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