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Texcars reported the incident on Twitter

Harry Koppel, via Twitter, shared a joking comment about his unfortunate jump.

– Competitor wrote on the social network. Koppel also released several videos of his fateful jump. They show that the athlete tried to grab the crossbar before it fell on his face, knocking out part of the tooth.

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Who is the unlucky pole vaulter?

Harry Koppel won the UK’s pole vaulting championships in 2019 and 2020, setting a national record of 5.85m in the last competition, and Koppell is also very proud of his 2013 World Junior Championships title.

Harry Koppel has a little more than a week to heal his teeth, because in eight days, next Saturday, July 31, the pole vaulting competition will begin. It is unknown if he could do this in such a very short time.

Photo: harry_coppell_pv (Instagram)

Pole vaulter Harry Koppel lost his teeth while training in Tokyo

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A reminder to the Polish fans: Three of our compatriots will compete in the pole vault: Piotr Lesek, Bowie Wojcicki and Robert Soper.

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