Gala Gonzalthis is spanish blogger Fashion designer, DJ, graduate of Central Saint Martins University and London College of Fashion. In love with today’s Gala style with West Wing look at it Apartments in Madrid. Blogger Apartment It is located in the Justicia district of Madrid. It is a bright apartment with high ceilings and traditional white windows. The space is full of style, colors and flavors designed that reflect the taste and personality of the owner.

I think my home is trying to reflect a part of my inner world where I’m trying to relax and unwind. I love warm colors, tropical and English color palettes, but I always look for harmony as a common thread. I love my sofa, the Camaleonda by Mario Belini, because it’s a collector’s item, it’s authentic. I also love the IKEA lamp from 1971 – He says Gala Gonzalez.

The apartment has a lot of natural wood (ceiling, floor), the walls are painted white. The dining room with a marble table and green chairs with velvet upholstery stands out here in particular. expensive He often adds different color accents in the form of different-colored cutlery, mugs, candles, and candlesticks. Vases with inconspicuous shapes and original ceramics also attract attention.

Bedroom and bathroom expensive They blend in with each other seamlessly, as in. – The space in which the door should be built in such a way that when you are in the room you only see the light from the bathroom, but somehow it is hidden. At the same time, this space, being very conspicuous, gives the impression of light and a steady flow of air – The blogger explains. We were especially happy with the tiles on the bathroom floor and Freestanding bathtub in a streamlined shape. The bedroom helps to relax. Here we have neutral colors, a large bed with a headboard made in the same fabric upholstery as the chairs and the bedside table. The entire Gala apartment cannot be complete without plants (there is dried ficus, and there are flowers in vases).


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