Check out the lunar box “Pandora’s Box” It will allow NASA to prepare for a return to the natural satellite of our planet. Very valuable information about the lunar regolith can be found in the samples. It is the biggest problem in people working in this facility. Recent studies show that it can Permanent damage to human DNA.

Scientists explain it The container is 50 years old And the study of its contents can expand our knowledge of the natural satellite of our planet. The ANGSA 73001 sample was taken by astronaut Jane Cernan. It comes from a landslide in the Taurus Lettro Valley. Researchers were very interested in this geological formation. Cernan hammered a 70-centimeter cylindrical tube into the surface and took a sample of the lunar soil core.

Why do scientists from the US space agency now only want to look at the container? Well, the Americans They brought a lot of riches from the moon and rocks. A significant part of them were sent to various research centers around the world for in-depth analysis.

Scientists also plan to prepare a plan to collect new samples during the first moon landings in the 21st century. Understand the geological history and evolution of lunar samples At the Apollo landing sites It will help us prepare for new types of specimens that can be saved during the Artemis program, said Thomas Zurbuchen of NASA.

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The US space agency has also decided not to touch part of the lunar dust containers until more advanced research methods are achieved. It is about a lot Precision Chemical Analysis Systemswhich were not available in the seventies. Scientists did not open cans to prevent contamination. Now NASA has finally decided to investigate it.

But scientists should be careful. It should come as no surprise that there are security issues at stake. After all, it concerns substances from a foreign body. Although there is no atmosphere on the Silver Globe and There is a high level of radiationHowever, research shows that highly sensitive organisms, including the famous tardigrades, can live there.

However, scientists are optimistic. They hope they don’t find some in Pandora’s Box A massive intruder will destroy humanity. They are more interested in discovering something that will be useful to increase their knowledge of this wonderful being and allow them to better prepare for Artemis.

We remind you that a return to the moon is expected in 2025. Then to the surface of this object The first woman to go out is to go out. The entire crew should consist of different races of people. Only Americans and only men participated in the Apollo program.