Australia’s Adventure World theme park faced criticism after it changed the rules governing access to attractions. Weights are located in front of the roller coaster, thanks to which the staff can check whether visitors to the park are within the weight limits. Such regulations caused anger among a large percentage of people.

Perth theme park wanted to make it easy for visitors to see if they could enjoy the attraction not only because of their height, but also because of their weight. That is why there are special platforms in the roller coaster where customers can weigh themselves. The changes introduced by the Australian park authorities led to strong opposition and discontent.

Australia. Theme park accused of “embarrassing” visitors

The enormous confusion around Adventure World arose due to the very procedure involved in screening the guests. In the park, just before entering the individual attractions, weights are set with which you can check whether we are within the established limits. When the light turns green, it means we have the right weight. On the other hand, if it turns red, we can be sure that we are over the weight limit.

Park visitors described the action as “humiliating and insulting”. Some people also point out that the limits are absurdly low – at some attractions the maximum weight is 75 kg.

“I’m sorry I am too fat to come here”, “This border is funny. I will never come here again” – disgruntled netizens wrote on the park’s Facebook profile.

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However, Adventure World Park does not intend to opt out of these regulations and maintains that these restrictions have been in place for a long time.

There are no changes or new requirements to the safety rules this season. The same limits apply at all times to all attractions. We have provided weights only for the convenience and comfort of our visitors, commented Andrew Shari, CEO of Adventure World.

Recently, there has also been a lot of talk about the idea of ​​weighing passengers before boarding a plane. American airlines want to offer this controversial solution to update information about the average load of an aircraft on different routes. The reason for these changes is the increasing rate of obesity in the United States.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an aircraft that is not properly balanced or overloaded requires more fuel. By knowing the exact tonnage of a machine, carriers can refuel the right amount, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is also of great importance in terms of safety – “it is about ensuring stability and good maneuverability of the aircraft”, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

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