UEFA has already launched an investigation into the scenes that occurred during the final between Italy and England. Several events were captured under the microscope: the playing of the national anthem, fireworks, a fan running at Wembley Stadium, and objects being thrown at the Italian players. However, shameful scenes also occurred before and after the meeting.

According to British media estimates, about 5,000 people entered Wembley. Fans who did not have tickets for the final match. A crowd of people broke the bars and ran to the Wembley podiums. According to Boyce, who was FIFA vice-president in 2011-2015, the sights of London could seriously hurt the joint nomination of the British and Irish who want to host the 2030 World Cup in their stadiums.

Boyce has no doubt that the behavior of some fans will prompt the FIFA authorities to reconsider who they will be entrusting the organization of the World Cup with. The Honorary President of the Irish Football Association also referred to the situation with laser beams that tried to obstruct the Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel during the semi-final match against England.

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– First we had a laser bag, there was the shameful booing of the national anthems, then a few idiots set off trying to illegally break into the stadium standsIn an interview with Ireland’s Independent, Boyce did not slurp the words. However, he hoped that the tournament would eventually be staged.

Prime Minister in May Boris Johnson He said it was time for the UK and Ireland to jointly try to organize the World Cup in 2030. According to preliminary results, the most dangerous candidates that the islanders will face are: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. A joint proposal of the Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians and Serbs.