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September 3, 2021, 6:56 pm

In collaboration with CD Projekt RED, isotonic beverage producer Oshee has launched a series of products inspired by the game Wied? Min 3: Wild Hunt. There is also a lottery in which you can win a digital copy of the title.

Have you ever wondered what the elixir of magic tastes like, which Geralt drinks so fondly in his games? Or maybe you wanted to try them? Projekt RED CD out ?? meaning what?? To meet these desires and establish cooperation with Oshee Company that she came Limited Series Energy and Isotonic Drinks (So ​​do the bars, but let’s not spoil the atmosphere). Labels of their bottles are decorated with images of characters from the production of “Reds”; Some have names like Jaskó³ka, Kot or Blizzard, while others have information that the contents have a lilac and gooseberry flavor (you can smell it, not like a letter from yen). You can see examples of drinks in the graphic below.

Stolen Witcher recipes?  Swallow, Cat and Sweep on store shelves - Illustration #1

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Along with the presentation of the new series Auchi announced a lottery winner with 2000 prizesIncluding 400 tokens for each game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Version with all add-ons), 400 concert codes for Percival Schöttenbach (soundtrack composers of the third? Wie ? ka ??), 400 PLN 20 discount codes for the CD store The RED Gear project (for orders of at least PLN 100 ), as well as 1,000 sets with Oshee gadgets (including lids with the company’s logo and branding Went ?? Accurate).

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How do you participate in the lottery? It is enough to purchase any product of the Vienna series, and then fill out the form This is amazing the side. Please provide your name, surname, phone number and email address as well as the receipt number or code under the label?? The latter is worth keeping after consumption. Then it remains only to check whether you have won; Maybe keep trying. More details about the procedure can be found Here.

Aside from the taste and/or desire for energy or isotonic drinks, it is hard to underestimate the indulgences that, thanks to Oshee products, can henceforth accompany him on trips to the city or? in the fresh air ?? With a mobile game Witches: Monster Slayer supplying doses No monster in a backpack should be scary.