US Attorney General Brian Penskowski stated in March 2020 that the man was “Part of the SS repressive machineIn justifying the extradition of criminals from the United States of America to Germany, it was stated that Jews, Poles, Russians, Danes, Dutch, French and political prisoners were being held in a sub-concentration camp under “harsh” conditions. And they had to work “until exhaustion and death”.

There will be no trial in Germany?

SPIEGEL believes that Frederick Karl B. He will probably not be brought to justice in Germany. Although questioned by the prosecutor’s office, the prosecutor’s office reported in December that proceedings had been halted due to insufficient evidence. SPIEGEL, citing information from the legal community, makes clear that the proceedings will not be opened unless new evidence emerges in the case. “He had to blame himself when he testified,” Spiegel concluded. “Nobody expects that.”

KL Neuengamme It was founded in 1938 as a subcamp of KL Sachsenhausen. According to the KL Neuengamme memorial website, in 1940 it became an independent concentration camp and until 1945 it was the main concentration camp in northwestern Germany. It had over 85 sub-camps.

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Prisoners were used as forced laborers in the war economy. More than 42,000 people died in the camps, during forced labor, death marches or shelling of ships where prisoners were locked up (during the British air raid on May 3, 1945, approximately 7,000 prisoners were burned, drowned, or shot while trying to rescue. About 450 people).