The UAE Space Agency announced that it had managed to obtain the first image of Mars. This is the first time that an Arab country has succeeded in this endeavor. However, the UAE is not losing its power to the Americans and the Chinese.

Arab mission to Mars. The first image of the red planet

an amazing picture Done on Wednesday 10 February. In the upper left corner you can see the north pole of Mars. In the center of the image, you can see the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, emerging from the dark.

The three craters in a single line are Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons, and nbspArsia Mons, respectively.. On the right side you can see the valley system called Valles Marineris by scientists. Cloud covering some of its surface.

It is a turning point in our history. The Mars image indicates the UAE’s joining of the high-tech nations committed to space exploration. We hope that this mission will lead to new discoveries about Mars that will benefit mankind, ” Prince Mohammed bin Zagid Al Nahyan wrote on Twitter.


Hope launched on February 19 from the Tanegashima Space Flight Center in southern Japan. It was implemented by a Mitsubishi H-IIA missile. The spacecraft weighs only 550 kg.


The UAE wants to explore Mars. The Chinese and the Americans overtook them

On the day the UAE probe entered Mars orbit, the Chinese spacecraft Tianwen-1 landed on its surface. It contains a Mars rover for use in planet exploration. The Chinese want to explore the soil of the Red Planet and search for water on it.

Americans also participate in the space race to Mars. The March 2020 mission, which includes the persistent rover, is expected to reach the red planet early next Thursday. The Americans want to focus on exploring the Jizero crater, as the lake was supposed to be located in the distant past.